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Socially Responsible Procurement

At Strat First Inc., we deeply understand the pivotal role our supply chain plays in shaping our impact on society and the environment. Our dedication to sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility permeates every facet of our procurement processes.

We prioritize Indigenous procurement with a profound understanding of its role in empowering Indigenous businesses and communities. Engaging proactively with Indigenous suppliers, we aim to cultivate economic empowerment, forge stronger partnerships, and Honour Indigenous knowledge and heritage. Our strategy revolves around fostering respectful collaborations that yield mutual benefits, thereby making significant contributions to Indigenous prosperity and reconciliation.

Additionally, alongside our focus on Indigenous procurement, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sourcing from Equity Deserving Groups. Recognizing the transformative impact of diversity and inclusion, we believe in leveraging these principles to drive innovation, foster creativity, and enhance our supply chain resilience. Actively seeking out suppliers from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups not only promotes economic equity but also diversifies our perspectives and talents, driving our project success.

At Strat First Inc., we comprehend the profound implications of our supply chain decisions. Therefore, we pledge to uphold the highest standards of ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. By collaborating with suppliers who align with our values and commitment to excellence, we strive to shape a future that is more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable for all participants involved in our projects.

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